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Memories, Lace and Larkspurs

After thirty-two years of writing, I took a two year sabbatical. Well, I’m back. For your interest, I’m broadening the scope of this site; some content from earlier years and some from the present will be added.  Also, some updates about our school mates will appear. The following short-short is a memoir that won me […]

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Mothers and Daughters

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers and daughters, for  “…all mothers are our mother and all daughters are our daughter…”  Lester Levenson My daughter, Kathleen, just called, excitement coloring her words telling me about putting in a raised 6′ square veggie garden in her backyard, expecting me to tell her all she needed to […]

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Harmonizing with Betty – After School Chores

Anyone having lived on, or spent time on a family farm comes to realize the most prolific crop produced is chores: before school chores, after school chores and all summer chores. In second and third grade, the girls and I competed to be the one with the most onerous before and after school chores.  I […]

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Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot

“I’m going to have a turkey for thanksgiving this year,” Barnard, my brother, declared thrusting his chin out. “Just where will you get the money to buy it?” I challenged. We didn’t raise turkeys and had never in my memory eaten one. “I don’t have to have money,” he said pointing at his head, “I’ve […]

November 22, 2011 · Carolyn · 2 Comments
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Sunday Dinner and the Preacher

To this day, every time I see a well fed Preacher, I see two chicken feet in the middle of a big white, otherwise, empty platter, toes pointing toward heaven.

February 9, 2011 · Carolyn · One Comment
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