Home economics, a two hour course that every ninth grade girl had to take at Billingsley High, was taught by Mrs. Thompson, one of the best teachers I ever had whether in high school or college.

Unfortunately for me at the time, she had a red headed temper and I seemed to reciprocate, although, I was blonde, and I ran afoul of that woman most everyday.

I had been allowed to take chemistry in the ninth grade and went around spouting formulas and equations everywhere, becoming an arrogant little bore. Also, being one of those teenagers, who had firmly held opinions about lots of things, most of which I knew nothing about, Mrs. Thompson loved telling me just how deep and wide my inaccuracies were.

For example let’s take sewing. Martha was the dream student for every teacher, including Mrs. Thompson, and why not? Martha was quiet, sat still, did what she was told without voicing strongly held opinions and made A’s.

She also sewed beautifully. Her seams were straight, pleats lay flat, zippers remained unseen, and her button holes were works of art. Mrs. Thompson would look at my attempts and refer me to Martha for help.

There was one problem – Martha made dresses for the current period, the late fifties. I wanted mine to have a look somewhere between Gone With the Wind and Amazon Women from Venus, and I wanted them yesterday.

Mrs. Thompson would pickup my creation between two fingers, like it had traveled inside on the bottom of someone’s shoe, and loudly explain to the class her equation, Dash + Flash = Trash.

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  1. Sue - March 2, 2010

    Yes, don’t some of us think we know everything when we don’t!

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