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Save Forever TV Series

I don’t watch TV much. Instead, I pick out shows that have some meaning or value. One of the few shows I watch is called Forever, the story of a man who, over 200 years ago was killed trying to do the right thing, yet, instead of dying, he became immortal. The show is his […]

May 13, 2015 · Carolyn · 5 Comments
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Hit Parade Comes to Billingsley High

When I was in second grade Betty, my middle sister, rewarded me for helping her with the dishes by taking me to see Royal Wedding, a movie starring Fred Astaire and Jane Powell.  Of course with stars like those two, the movie, sprinkled with song and dance routines, fired my imagination, set my feet to […]

September 10, 2012 · Carolyn · No Comments
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Mothers and Daughters

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers and daughters, for  “…all mothers are our mother and all daughters are our daughter…”  Lester Levenson My daughter, Kathleen, just called, excitement coloring her words telling me about putting in a raised 6′ square veggie garden in her backyard, expecting me to tell her all she needed to […]

May 9, 2012 · Carolyn · 2 Comments
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Harmonizing with Betty – After School Chores

Anyone having lived on, or spent time on a family farm comes to realize the most prolific crop produced is chores: before school chores, after school chores and all summer chores. In second and third grade, the girls and I competed to be the one with the most onerous before and after school chores.  I […]

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