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I don’t watch TV much. Instead, I pick out shows that have some meaning or value. One of the few shows I watch is called Forever, the story of a man who, over 200 years ago was killed trying to do the right thing, yet, instead of dying, he became immortal. The show is his story of trying to find out why and how it happened while he attempts to keep secret that he is over 200 years old.

A fantastic, spiritual show with a wonderful cast. Yet, ABC decided to cancel it even though it had a very large audience, e.g. in the millions. They also never bothered to promote it and put it in a crummy time slot. I found it just by accident as have literally millions of others. But it is a loved show that entire families watch together. How many shows can you say that about today?

Those of us who watch the show are trying to save it. There is a petition which I hope you will sign:


Another Petition to Save Forever Please sign all petitions; make a difference.

If you’ve never seen the show, I urge you to watch the first episode. It’s a great story with a warm, loving lead character: Dr. Henry Morgan.

Read about the movement to save this wonder series HERE!

May 13, 2015 · Carolyn · 5 Comments
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  1. Maria Bach - August 16, 2015

    Dear Carolyn,

    I started looking the Serie in Europe in Mai 2015. Which is unfair, because the Serie has been already canceled in USA. I do believe the Serie is worth of saving. Thank you for your efforts. I hope we can #Save Forever.

  2. Jeff Sack - August 17, 2015

    Thanks for sharing the article Carolyn!

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